Quality Policy

The purpose of ADTEC II is to meet all customer requirements and provide a quality product on time at minimum cost. To accomplish this purpose, each employee is expected to:

  • Constantly improve the quality of our products.
  • Consistently reduce delivery cycle times and meet all scheduled shipment promises to customers.
  • Respect each individual in the organization and those customers and suppliers with whom we do business
  • Look beyond primary job focus to help anticipate and resolve issues that impact customer satisfaction, product quality, and delivery commitments.

In turn, the company will:

  • Respect each individual and listen to the needs of each employee.
  • Communicate and provide feedback to the employee frequently.
  • Recognize the efforts of each individual and teams of employees.
  • Work to provide greater involvement of employees in decisions that affect them to make the operation a pleasant place to work.
  • Work to continually improve its QMS to meet the needs of ADTEC II Interested Parties.